Insurance in uncertain times

In these uncertain times, insurance has never been more important. Suddenly we’re not sure what the future holds so we are confronted with a feeling of ‘what if?’ For example, many of us have contemplated our health and have therefore looked again at our health, and income insurance to help protect our families. Many of us are now also working from home so our home insurance is something we may need to revisit now we’re using our homes differently. Here in the UK, we’ve always been a nation of animal lovers, but the pandemic has seen an unprecedented increase in pet ownership now we have more time on our hands or to help with loneliness.

Cedegim Insurance Solutions is a company that provides insurance companies, mutual funds, contingency funds and brokers with software packages and services covering the entire healthcare value chain such as development of back office software, digital solutions for illness prevention, facilities management, delegated authority, healthcare flow assembly and third-party payment operator. They provide a claims management system used by many leading insurance companies

The basic premise of insurance is that we buy it before we need it. Then, if the worst does happen, we hopefully won’t be left with too much financial hardship. Insurance allows you to transfer risk to an insurance company. It’s said that insurance is one of the only things we buy in life hoping that we’ll never use. Some of the most common types of insurance that we buy are:

Health insurance

There are many types of health insurance from basic dental insurance to catastrophic health plans and everything in between. If the worst does happen, you can better guarantee fast treatment. This type of insurance is provided or subsidised by many employers and covers medical costs associated with illness

Disability insurance

This type of insurance is meant to replace your income if something happens that means you can’t work. There are different types of disability insurance covering long-term and short-term disability and will typically replace a portion of your income if you’re unable to work

Life insurance

Life insurance pays out what is called a death benefit to a designated beneficiary if you die. You can name an individual, a companies, or a trust as the beneficiary. Alternatively, having more than one beneficiary allows 2 or more people to split your death benefit according to your instructions should you die.

Pet insurance

If your pet becomes ill, the treatment costs can sometimes spiral – especially if your pet turns out to have a long-term health problem. Pet insurance policies can cover everything from costs associated with finding them if they get lost to life-long cancer treatment.