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How to find your email signature folder in Outlook

…and how to edit it If you use Outlook to send and receive emails, you’re probably also using the ’email signature’ facility that allows you to create a custom bit of text and images that appears at the end of the emails you write. The problem is, the in-built email signature editor in Outlook is […]

Outlook 2007 – adding SMTP authentication

When using a laptop or mobile device, you’re potentially going to be sending emails over many different internet networks. In order to make sure that only the allowed users are using a particular SMTP to send email, they commonly require a user-name and password to log into the SMTP server every time an email is […]

How to create an outlook email template

How to create an outlook email template If you use Outlook and often have to write similar emails, Instead of re-writing them every time it might be a better idea to create a template. This is very simple to do and might save you a lot of time! Here’s how to do it: Write your […]

Convert text to lower-case, upper-case or capitalised the easy way!

This tutorial is specifically for Microsoft Word and Outlook, however, as with many keyboard shortcuts, they’ll often be supported by many other applications Ever accidentally hit the CAPS LOCK button and written a whole paragraph in capitals? Or how about got one of those shouty emails all in caps that are difficult to read? Good […]

Seven Creative February Newsletter (12 February 2010)

In this issue: Who owns the intellectual property rights to your website?, Ever accidently deleted an important file? What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)? Which browser do you use? Domain name maketh the site – when should you use a hyphen? What is a .DOCX or .XLSX? Promote your website for free