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Shop Sign with Perspex Letters for Sheffield Based Estate Agents

Image Sign Studio recently manufactured the shop signs for the Sheffield based independent estates agents Whitehornes, who have acquired a new premises at Banner Cross in addition to their existing branch on Chesterfield road. As professional shop sign makers in Sheffield, Image Sign Studio has designed and manufactured shop signs for a variety of businesses all over the city and the Yorkshire region.

The letters for the Whitehornes sign were cut from white Perspex using our in house, state of the art CNC routeing machine. The CNC machine allows us to cut simple or very complex shapes with perfect accuracy from a wide variety of materials. It really is brilliant technology, as it gives an incredibly flawless finish to all types of business signage. The 3kW spindle means it can fly through materials with ease.

Illuminated Sign using LED Trough Lights

Whitehornes were looking to create a sleek, professional image that would project the image of quality through their new shop sign. Aluminium back boards in blue were used as a backdrop to the lettering, keeping in line with their branding and creating a flawless surface upon which to mount the letters.

The Perspex letters, which were manufactured in white, were then mounted onto the blue aluminium backboard using studs so that they stand proud, raising them slightly to create a 3D effect. The sign was then illuminated using LED trough lights for maximum impact.

We were also asked to produce a digitally printed banner which has been hung vertically above the primary shop sign. All our banners come finished with high quality hems and eyelets so that they can be hung from buildings and ceilings, and can be securely attached to fences and poles too. This banner is made from PVC which has been printed using UV stable ink in order to prevent fading when exposed to sunlight, as this sign would be.

Additional Printed Banner for Outdoor Use

We also fabricated brackets to fit on the side of the building which the printed banner has been attached to using eyelets. Printed banners such as these are great for additional signage as they are very durable and hardwearing, making them suitable for prolonged outdoor use such as on the outside of buildings like this one!

If you want to make a good first impression with professional business signage, our bespoke shop sign making service in Sheffield is just what you need. Give us a call on 0114 261 7617 to chat with our team.


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Swann Morton Providers Keep Sharp Eye on News

Chief Scout in the UK – Bear Grylls – has suggested that it is important to encourage children to use knives from an early age. The man behind recent reality TV survival show ‘The Island’ cause serious controversy with his comments; telling the Radio Times that children should learn ‘how to embrace and manage risk’. He also inferred that parents should assume more responsibility for educating their kids on knife safety.

Grylls has previously been seen helming the global TV success show ‘Bear Grylls: Born Survivor’; which sees him pit his wits against the most daunting elements in the world to teach audiences how to survive in extreme survival situations. The national press has taken real interest in this latest story; with The Telegraph and The Independent sharing their views on his controversial comments.

TV Superstar

The popularity Grylls commands in the UK means that any comments that he makes are analyzed to the extreme. Mixed with his laid back attitude; many have responded negatively; resulting in the received response.

One of the standout quotes from those latest comments included Grylls suggestion that handling a knife as a child could be ‘empowering’; if done under the appropriate constraints: “Sometimes in life we get cut,” he was quoted as saying. “My six-year-old recently cut himself on a knife, and came in with blood pouring everywhere, but, you know what? He’s not cut himself again. He learned how to handle a knife.”

Some of the UK media felt that this was an insensitive and ill-informed view on the situation. Grylls has also said, however, that knives must be treated with the utmost respect and that children are taught how to use them properly: “When I say to budding adventurers, ‘Listen – a blunt penknife is a dangerous knife. Make sure it’s really sharp’ – the kids’ faces light up. Like all kids, they want a mega-sharp penknife – great, but teach them to respect it and use it properly,” he said.

Swann Morton Knives

The topic is certainly up for debate; but we at Knife Point are glad to simply stick to delivering the best possible knives for both new and existing customers. As a company; we deliver both our own specifically-tailored knife blades; and also branded knives from established industry businesses such as Swann Morton.

Our experience and dedication is the key. As leaders of knife production in the industry for decades; we have worked tirelessly to deliver only the highest levels of customer satisfaction for many years. We achieve this through the application of our care and attention; ensuring that customers come to us for their knife needs time and time again.

Trimming Knife Blades Manufacturers Learn From History

We live and breathe knives here at Knife-Point. Manufacture of knife products – and news related to them – is of huge interest to us. We have been in the industry for over 3 decades; so our history is intertwined with knife development over time. News surrounding knife history is something we are particularly interest in; and so this story really resonated with us:

At a Canvey museum in Western Esplanade; a historical piece of WW1 memorabilia was recently stolen. The theft took place on Monday 5th May – the most recent bank holiday weekend. The item concerned is a trench knife/dagger; which was taken from a display case within the museum.

Producing Products for Our Ever-Expanding Customer Base

The knife is a great example of how knives have played their part throughout history; albeit in a different way to the ones that we have on offer at Knife-Point. Technological advances now mean that knives are now produced in a different way to the time of the First World War; but the hard work and dedication that would have been applied back then remain just as important now; and we understand that. By staying true to the factors that have enabled us to become a leader within the industry; we are able to produce fantastic products – such as our trimming knife blades – for our extensive and constantly expanding customer base.

With all this considered; it is easy to see why such value is placed on the theft of the knife in Western Esplanade. With so much history attached to the stolen knife; it is easy to understand the view of someone like Allan Reed; who is a volunteer at the museum. He was quick to play up the significance of the occurrence in the aftermath of the event.

Only the Best Service

Police are still searching for the knife; and PC Lisa-Ann Gore of Essex police told The Enquirer: “The museum would like to get the piece back as it is very important to them. It is also a weapon and we would like to get it back in safe hands. I would urge anyone with any information to contact me as soon as possible.”

That information may include knowledge of the incident itself; or someone finding themselves being offered the knife to buy. The case continues to develop.

We have a number of ideals that we adhere to here at Knife-Point during the production and delivery of a whole host of knife products – including our trimming knife blades. High quality product delivery, only the best service and competitive pricing are all factors that help us to stay ahead of the competition. You can view our products at

R.S. Bruce Metals Sheffield Furnish Office Block with Stainless Steel Sign

Sheffield sign shop, Image Sign Studio, recently provided 3d LED signage for RS Bruce, who chose to have their office sign manufactured from brushed stainless steel. They chose this brushed stainless steel finish in order to reflect their metal business, creating a direct link between their branding and the industry that they are a part of.

The company also chose to have orange LED lights fitted into the back of the lettering in order to create a halo effect around the letters. At night, the orange LED lights created a glowing effect around the stainless steel 3D lettering, which looks almost as though there is a fire simmering behind them. The thought process behind this light was to represent the idea of a furnace, again a reflection of the metal industry.

Interior Designed Office with 3D Sign

Here at Image Sign Studio, we recently had the pleasure of producing this sign for R.S. Bruce Metals, whose head quarters are in the city of Sheffield. The Bruce Group encompasses R.S Bruce Metals and Machinery, who pride themselves on playing a key role in the innovation of the techniques used for the removal and recovery of oxidised Platinum Group Metals, from components within working nitric acid plants.

The sign was manufactured for a previously derelict building that R.S. Bruce decided to redevelop into an office block. Because of the derelict condition of the building and the standard to which the company wished to bring the officer block up to, R.S Bruce employed interior designers to help.  The development was, therefore, completed to a high standard, creating a fantastic place to work for their staff.

Such a fantastic office block obviously needed a really great sign to reflect the quality of the business and the services that they provide. Here at Image Sign Studio, we have lots of experience designing and manufacturing industrial signs, shop signs, and signs for office buildings such as this, so we were an obvious choice!

Stainless Steel Cut with CNC Machine

The sign was manufactured using stainless steel cut on a CNC machine, which uses computer software to control the mechanical movement of the machine while it cuts the letters. The letters were then hand fabricated to create a return on the sides of each one, and welded to create a 3D look.

If you are looking for a Sheffield based sign maker to design and manufacture your office sign or shop sign, Image Sign Studio can help. Call our friendly team on 0114 261 7617 for more information.

Employers Urged to Take Positive View of Disabled and Ceiling Hoist Users

The Yorkshire Post has urged local employers to take a more positive view of disabled people after a college student with cerebral palsy landed himself a job. The student, Jake Andrews, wants local employers to take more notice of people with disabilities and take the time to consider their applications with a positive attitude. Jake’s cerebral palsy means that his balance and movement is compromised, although his condition is not so severe as to need a ceiling track hoist or mobile hoist.

Jake took the time to apply for over 40 jobs and has since been offered a position as an apprentice by Saltaire-based AdviserPlus. He told the Yorkshire Post, “Apprenticeships are a really good way of getting disabled and young people the experience they need and helps with their prospects of employment.”

Disability Confident Government Campaign

There is a current campaign by the government which aims to encourage employers to think more positively about employing disabled people. Through the Disability Confident campaign, the government is working with employers to remove barriers and improve understanding to ensure that disabled people are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential and realise their dreams.

According to the BBC, disability employment for the disabled, including users of ceiling hoists and mobile hoists, is around 50%. Although the government has tried to raise this figure and there are many disabled people do want to work, it has been the employers who aren’t always keen to give them jobs.

As leading suppliers and installer of ceiling track hoists and ceiling hoists, ACS Healthcare think that it is really important for disabled people to be given the opportunity to take on employment. Although the government campaign is designed to help companies become more willing to employ disabled staff, it is still a shame that this needs to be done at all. Discrimination laws have in fact been in place since 1995, yet there are clearly some employers who do discriminate.

Ceiling Track Hoists and Mobile Hoists for the Disabled

If you are in need of a ceiling track hoist or mobile hoist, we can help. ACS Healthcare specialise in providing a range of care products from leading manufacturers, as well as a ceiling track hoist servicing and mobile hoist servicing service. Call us today to speak to a friendly member of our team on 0114 288 9912.