Monthly Archives: March 2013

Make a Will with David Price and Buchanan & Co Solicitors

No one really wants to think about it do they? We all know we need to make a Will, but the truth is, only 30% of the population actually have done so. It’s easy to tell yourself that making a Will is a job for the future, or to believe that nothing will happen to […]

How do I change my Outlook email account to use SSL?

SSL is an encryption method for sending emails and will help avoid the emails you send being seen by unintended recipients. It stands for Secure Socket Layer and this quick tutorial will show you how to configure Outlook to send using the SSL method. The example below uses Outlook 2007, however, this will still apply […]

How to reset your Zen Cart ecommerce admin password manually

Disclaimer and warning: manually editing your Zen Cart database runs the risk of corrupting your site and losing everything so only attempt this if you’re confident you know what you’re doing and are happy to take the risk. This tutorial is intended as a quick guide and relates for standard Zen Cart installations only. If […]

Save money with ready-made UK legal documents and contracts

Did you know you can save hundreds of pounds on contracts and other legal documents by simply buying ready-made off-the-shelf versions? All these documents are written by experienced UK lawyers and are up-to-date according to the most recent UK law. The use of legal jargon is kept to a minimum and all the documents are […]