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Updating your password in Outlook 2010 tutorial

It is very simple to update your email collection (POP3) password in Outlook 2010 by following the steps below: Open Outlook Click on the ‘File’ option at the top of the page you’ll now have an option for ‘account settings’ – click here click on the account you’d like to change then select ‘change’ from […]

How to use Gmail as your SMTP server using Outlook

This tutorial will show you how to use your Gmail SMTP address to send emails from your personal email accounts using Outlook (this example uses Outlook 2007 but still applies in principle to the other versions of Outlook and other local email clients)

Short-cut to easily clear formatting from text in a Word document

Here is a really simple and easy way to clear formatting from text in a Microsoft Word document, for example, when you’ve cut and pasted from a website or another document Very simply highlight the text, press and hold CTRL then press the ‘space bar’ Highlighting the text can be done easily in one of […]

Outlook 2007 – adding SMTP authentication

When using a laptop or mobile device, you’re potentially going to be sending emails over many different internet networks. In order to make sure that only the allowed users are using a particular SMTP to send email, they commonly require a user-name and password to log into the SMTP server every time an email is […]

How to create an outlook email template

How to create an outlook email template If you use Outlook and often have to write similar emails, Instead of re-writing them every time it might be a better idea to create a template. This is very simple to do and might save you a lot of time! Here’s how to do it: Write your […]

Toshiba laptop built-in webcam problems

Toshiba laptop built-in webcam problems Problem: Toshiba laptop Camera Assistant Software on Vista (or similar) is no longer working. When you try to run the application you get an error along the lines of: ‘Access violation at address … in module ‘CEC_MAIN.exe’. Read of address …’ ‘Cannot open file C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\NewSkin1\active.bmp’ […]

How to speed up Vista instantly

How to speed up Vista instantly If you’re using Vista, you may have noticed how heavy it is in hardware-resource terms. If you’d like a faster computer and are prepared to compromise on the aesthetics, here is a very simple and quick way to get things moving more quickly. This method will also give you […]

Convert text to lower-case, upper-case or capitalised the easy way!

This tutorial is specifically for Microsoft Word and Outlook, however, as with many keyboard shortcuts, they’ll often be supported by many other applications Ever accidentally hit the CAPS LOCK button and written a whole paragraph in capitals? Or how about got one of those shouty emails all in caps that are difficult to read? Good […]

What is a webloc file or the .webloc file extension?

A Webloc file shortcut to a webpage or URL and is usually created by Safari the Mac OS X by dragging a website icon to a location on a computer Using windows To find the URL, open this file with any text editor such as Notepad or Opera Browser and copy the URL to your […]

Sales and marketing optimisation

Consider the alternatives According to IAB (2010), in the UK, the entire advertising sector contracted by 16.6% in the first half of 2009, however, the online advertising share grew by 4.6% to a record 23.5% share of the market. Obviously, in the midst of a recession, you’d expect advertising spend to decline, however, it seems […]