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Choose a Ceiling Track Hoist Today and Greatly Improve Your Way of Life

Ceiling track hoists can play a great part in ensuring that as someone who lives with mobility problems or a disability, you are still able to keep a degree of freedom in your life. For those who have trouble standing and moving due to an illness or ongoing disability, a ceiling track hoist can mean a great improvement to that person’s quality of life. The product is fitted to the ceiling, and is therefore out of the way until it is needed. As a result it is quicker, easier and more efficient to use than typical mobile hoists.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Ceiling Track Hoist Including Minimizing Risk of Injury?

As they can be fitted out of the way, the use of a ceiling track hoist can therefore mean increased floor space in the room where assistance is required.  They can also be fitted over the bed, so that the person who needs the aid can be moved into a wheelchair or mobile commode more easily. This in turn, can minimize the injury risk to the family member or professional providing assistance to the person who requires it. Repeated manual lifting can cause the carer minor injuries and back pain, so anything that can reduce the potential risk to those helping is well worth consideration.

A ceiling track hoist can be installed as a permanent fixture in your home for as long as it is required. As well as making caring much easier, choosing the product can reduce the number of carers needed from 2 to 1, which is highly recommended if the care is being provided by a local authority. As a result, the money saved from choosing one can be used to improve the quality of life for the person requiring it in other areas.

Any appropriate help that can assist in making daily life easier for those living with mobility issues or a disability, as well as the people caring for them should be given great consideration. Those using these particular types of hoist can gain the extra freedom that could make a real difference in their lives.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Track Hoist

For security and comfort, as well as proximity to the person requiring the aid, a ceiling track hoist can provide the most efficient assistance needed. At ACS Healthcare Ltd we provide a whole range of care products from a significant number of leading manufacturers. These include profiling beds, mobile hoists, track hoists and pressure relieving mattresses.

It may be required for a thorough assessment of your home to be completed before a ceiling track hoist can be installed, to make sure that the product that you choose is best suited to your home. Careful training will ensure that the use of your ceiling track hoist becomes simpler over time, and any initial difficulties will be quickly solved.

Once installed we can provide subsequent servicing and repair for your product as and when it is required. So if you’re looking to greatly improve your quality of life, or that of someone you are caring for call us at 0114 2889912 for any more information that you require. You can also visit our website for more information on our ceiling track hoist products.