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Great news for friends and customers of Seven Creative!

Great news for friends and customers of Seven Creative!

Seaman Photographer, Sheffield

Seaman Photographer, Sheffield

Chris Seaman of Seaman Photographers, Sheffield, is offering friends of Seven Creative a great social networking and business photography package which will provide you with a professional studio quality portrait to use on your social networking pages such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

Give him a call to book yourself in and he’ll provide you with 6 web quality studio portraits!

More great news? Yes; if you ask him nicely he’ll even do a same-day turnaround and will send the pictures to you by email!

Surely there can’t be any more great news? There sure is – Friends of Seven Creative get 50% off if they mention our name when they book!

For real? You bet your ass! That’s 50% off the standard price of £29.99 meaning you get 6 professional studio portraits for use on business cards, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. all for only £14.99!

To book, call Seaman Photographer directly on 0114 258 5695

Address: Seaman Photographer, 193 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4LJ

Google Maps link to Seaman Photographer’s studio

Bo Mac Engineering website goes live

We’re proud to announce the launch of the new Bo Mac website

Bo Mac Engineering

Bo Mac Engineering

Engineering is a funny industry in the way that it’s perceived to be very backward, for example, using faxes instead of emails.

Bo Mac, on the other hand, understand the importance of embracing new technology, such as digital communications, to keep themselves ahead of the competition

Here at Seven Creative we’ve worked with many engineering companies over the years proving the full range of services including email marketing, direct mailings, web marketing, social network marketing and telesales so we have a good understanding of what is needed to increase sales.

The Bo Mac website, on the surface, may seem like a simple brochure website –and in many respects it is – however, there are other elements that, given time, will provide an incredible return on investment like, for example, Search Engine Optimisation, which, in a similar way to the tortoise racing the hare, will pay dividends in the long run.

Bo-Mac Sheffield are precision and general engineers, providing CNC and manual machining, turning and milling as well as coded welding and fabrication.

Visit the Bo Mac