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Centrifugal casting equipment

If you’re looking to find an efficient soldering consumables provider, have you considered the Mataconcepte Groupe? As the French specialist in non-ferrous alloys, Babbitt alloys, fusible alloys (with low melting temperatures) and fluxes used for industrial brazing and soldering, the METACONCEPT Group offers a wide range of filler metals, pure metals and alloys, as well as high-tech equipment for centrifugal casting. Not only is this organisation an accredited training provider, it also develops complex metal recycling processes. This range of expertise makes it a key player on a global scale

One of the things this group specialise in is centrifugal casting equipment. They’re the exclusive NICEM distributor in France and offer a complete modular range of machines designed for all casting needs. These machines combine a compact size with ‘unrivalled’ performance are perfect for the production of low and medium quantities of castings

Example machines include; the vulcaniser – an automatic vulcaniser machine for the production of silicones. With insulated heated plates, head and protection shield for energy saving. Features include oleodynamic system with auto-pump, automatic pressure adjustment during the operating cycle, digital pyrometer for temperature control, vulcanisation cycle timer with a micro-processor and stable memory display, cycle programming up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, plates opened via solenoid valves, double button closure and smoke extraction outlet

The automatic electronic centrifuge with a workstation, features a patented insulated protective screen at the start of the cycle. Other features include; extremely convenient mould loading, instantaneous machine start-up, speed and braking controlled via a ‘frequency convertor’, standard, reliable, asynchronous three-phase motor, adjustment of all components via a convertor, convertor controlled via a potentiometer or a 10-speed electronic programmer, and smoke extraction outlet

The furnace is an automated electric furnace for melting zinc alloys, complete with an insulated cover and protective screen. Features include a patented heating unit: interchangeable without touching the structure of the furnace, total circuit protection against excess temperatures, speed and braking controlled via a ‘frequency convertor’, two coupled digital pyrometers guarantee more accurate settings and a perfect temperature, cycle programming up to 99 hours and 59 minutes, and a smoke extraction outlet

In summary, if you’re in the market for centrifugal casting equipment, you could give the Metaconcept Groupe a call. If you have lead-free alloy and like centrifugal casting equipments, get in touch with them via their website