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Swann Morton Providers Keep Sharp Eye on News

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Chief Scout in the UK – Bear Grylls – has suggested that it is important to encourage children to use knives from an early age. The man behind recent reality TV survival show ‘The Island’ cause serious controversy with his comments; telling the Radio Times that children should learn ‘how to embrace and manage risk’. He also inferred that parents should assume more responsibility for educating their kids on knife safety.

Grylls has previously been seen helming the global TV success show ‘Bear Grylls: Born Survivor’; which sees him pit his wits against the most daunting elements in the world to teach audiences how to survive in extreme survival situations. The national press has taken real interest in this latest story; with The Telegraph and The Independent sharing their views on his controversial comments.

TV Superstar

The popularity Grylls commands in the UK means that any comments that he makes are analyzed to the extreme. Mixed with his laid back attitude; many have responded negatively; resulting in the received response.

One of the standout quotes from those latest comments included Grylls suggestion that handling a knife as a child could be ‘empowering’; if done under the appropriate constraints: “Sometimes in life we get cut,” he was quoted as saying. “My six-year-old recently cut himself on a knife, and came in with blood pouring everywhere, but, you know what? He’s not cut himself again. He learned how to handle a knife.”

Some of the UK media felt that this was an insensitive and ill-informed view on the situation. Grylls has also said, however, that knives must be treated with the utmost respect and that children are taught how to use them properly: “When I say to budding adventurers, ‘Listen – a blunt penknife is a dangerous knife. Make sure it’s really sharp’ – the kids’ faces light up. Like all kids, they want a mega-sharp penknife – great, but teach them to respect it and use it properly,” he said.

Swann Morton Knives

The topic is certainly up for debate; but we at Knife Point are glad to simply stick to delivering the best possible knives for both new and existing customers. As a company; we deliver both our own specifically-tailored knife blades; and also branded knives from established industry businesses such as Swann Morton.

Our experience and dedication is the key. As leaders of knife production in the industry for decades; we have worked tirelessly to deliver only the highest levels of customer satisfaction for many years. We achieve this through the application of our care and attention; ensuring that customers come to us for their knife needs time and time again.

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May 27th, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Trimming Knife Blades Manufacturers Learn From History

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We live and breathe knives here at Knife-Point. Manufacture of knife products – and news related to them – is of huge interest to us. We have been in the industry for over 3 decades; so our history is intertwined with knife development over time. News surrounding knife history is something we are particularly interest in; and so this story really resonated with us:

At a Canvey museum in Western Esplanade; a historical piece of WW1 memorabilia was recently stolen. The theft took place on Monday 5th May – the most recent bank holiday weekend. The item concerned is a trench knife/dagger; which was taken from a display case within the museum.

Producing Products for Our Ever-Expanding Customer Base

The knife is a great example of how knives have played their part throughout history; albeit in a different way to the ones that we have on offer at Knife-Point. Technological advances now mean that knives are now produced in a different way to the time of the First World War; but the hard work and dedication that would have been applied back then remain just as important now; and we understand that. By staying true to the factors that have enabled us to become a leader within the industry; we are able to produce fantastic products – such as our trimming knife blades – for our extensive and constantly expanding customer base.

With all this considered; it is easy to see why such value is placed on the theft of the knife in Western Esplanade. With so much history attached to the stolen knife; it is easy to understand the view of someone like Allan Reed; who is a volunteer at the museum. He was quick to play up the significance of the occurrence in the aftermath of the event.

Only the Best Service

Police are still searching for the knife; and PC Lisa-Ann Gore of Essex police told The Enquirer: “The museum would like to get the piece back as it is very important to them. It is also a weapon and we would like to get it back in safe hands. I would urge anyone with any information to contact me as soon as possible.”

That information may include knowledge of the incident itself; or someone finding themselves being offered the knife to buy. The case continues to develop.

We have a number of ideals that we adhere to here at Knife-Point during the production and delivery of a whole host of knife products – including our trimming knife blades. High quality product delivery, only the best service and competitive pricing are all factors that help us to stay ahead of the competition. You can view our products at

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May 27th, 2014 at 10:26 am

Attract Customers and Make More Money with a Shop Sign Sheffield

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Having a good shop sign Sheffield is a must if you want to attract customers and make more money. Shop signs are great for attracting passing trade as they inform passers-by quickly and effectively exactly what you do and who you are. They also reflect the type of business that you would like to be perceived as, therefore, projecting a great image of your business onto customers.

Choosing a good shop sign in Sheffield is also a must for leaving a good impression of your business on passers-by. If you are looking for a custom sign maker in Sheffield, you may want to have a browse to see what people can offer you and at what price. A good sign maker in Sheffield will talk through all your options with you, helping you to decide exactly what you want to achieve with your Sheffield shop sign.

There are several types of sign that you should consider before making your decision about your Sheffield shop sign, and talking to an expert sign maker in Sheffield is probably a good idea. There are a number of different signs on the market today, and choosing the right one can be a difficult option.

Shop sign Sheffield for Taylor Taylor hairdressersLED signs are perfect if you really want to make an impact with your shop sign Sheffield. The great thing about illuminated shop signs is that they look brilliant at night as well as in the day time. That means that you can still attract passers-by in the evening as their eyes will be drawn to your shop sign. LED illuminated signs can be manufactured and installed from reputable sign makers in Sheffield and are great for making an impact.

You can choose from a variety of options when it comes to illuminated signs in Sheffield. There are many different types including internal illumination, external illumination, backlit signs and the effective halo effect. All of these great options ensure that you will get noticed on the high street, both at night and in the day time. Halo lit LED signs create a very modern and contemporary shop sign, and look really effective especially in the dark.

Another option is choosing a 3D sign in Sheffield for your business. Sheffield sign makers are able to manufacture 3D signs from a variety of materials including metal, plastic and even wood.

Read our latest case study on Taylor Taylor hairdressers in Sheffield, shop signs Sheffield >>

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March 19th, 2014 at 5:55 pm

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How to restore your HTC One S to factory settings (format HTC One)

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Instructions to do an HTC One factory reset

Instructions to do an HTC One factory reset

How to restore your HTC One S to factory settings (format HTC One)

The following steps show you how to format, hard reset or factory reset your HTC One back to it’s original state – this will delete all files and settings except those installed by the company supplying the phone.

It’s actually pretty quick and easy to factory reset your HTC mobile, however, please remember that this action is irreversible and will wipe the contents of the phone so make sure that you have everything important backed up first

  1. Turn off your HTC phone.
  2. When the phone is off, press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button, and then press the POWER button.
  3. Hold the VOLUME DOWN button until you see the ‘three Android robots’ image.
  4. Now follow the on-screen instructions to reset the HTC phone i.e. Press VOLUME DOWN to select CLEAR STORAGE, and then press the POWER button. Finally, press VOLUME UP to begin the factory reset.

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January 17th, 2014 at 11:07 am

Google Doodle Celebrates Thomas Chippendale’s 295th Birthday

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Here at Seven Creative web agency and Sheffield SEO company, we’re big fans of the Google doodles. You’ll often hear a little yelp and the words ‘Google doodle!’ from behind a computer whenever we come across one.

google-doodle-chippendale-furnitureToday, we are treated to a Google doodle commemorating Thomas Chippendale, the English 18th Century cabinet maker and furniture designer.

He would have celebrated his 295th birthday today and holds the record for the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold – The Harrington Commode, a chest of drawers that sold at auction for £3.8 million.


It’s a very elegant doodle too, with the Google letters delicately surrounding 2 chairs, a dressing table and an ornate mirror. The ‘G’ sits on one of the chairs, and appears to be applying make up in the mirror!

Baldwins Omega, 50th Anniversary Dinner & Auction, 18th September 2013

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Baldwins Omega are hosting a 50th anniversary dinner and auction in Aid of Sheffield Samaritans on the 18th September, 2013

The dinner speaker will be Ian McMillan, ‘The Bard of Barnsley’ and an auction compared by Michael Dowse A E Dowse & Son


Baldwin’s Omega is accessed from Brincliffe Hill (which is off Psalter Lane) or from Chelsea Rise (off Chelsea Road, Brincliffe)

The address is Baldwin’s Omega, Brincliffe Hill, Off Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 9DF (link to Google maps)


Tickets cost £35 per person (Tables seat 10) and the dress code is smart

Doors 6.45pm, seated for the Speaker by 7:15pm, the meal is at 8pm and carriages at 10.30pm

Booking or for more information

Baldwins Omega, Sheffield

For company and corporate bookings contact  Andrew on 07918680489 or email or for personal bookings contact  Julie on 0114 2696904 or email

Entry will be by named reservation only


The Prime Yorkshire Pork Roast

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May 10th, 2013 at 4:44 pm

Save money with ready-made UK legal documents and contracts

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UK law legal documents available for download

UK law legal documents available for download

Did you know you can save hundreds of pounds on contracts and other legal documents by simply buying ready-made off-the-shelf versions?

All these documents are written by experienced UK lawyers and are up-to-date according to the most recent UK law.

The use of legal jargon is kept to a minimum and all the documents are easy to edit and adapt.

Simply pick your document you need, download it then add the specific information that relates to your business such as your company numbers, and registered address. Net Law Man will even provide you with support if you have a question!

Visit Net Lawman today for more information

UK law legal documents available for download

UK law legal documents available for download

Here are examples of the popular contracts available for download:

UK law legal documents available for download

UK law legal documents available for download

UK companies contracts, documents and agreements

UK business partnerships contracts, documents and agreements

UK website legal documents, contracts and agreements

UK commerce and business contracts, documents and agreements

UK sales contracts, documents and agreements

UK self employment contracts, documents and agreements

UK unincorporated associations contracts, documents and agreements

UK business expansion contracts, documents and agreements

UK Employing staff (employment) contracts, documents and agreements

UK protecting ideas and IP contracts, documents and agreements

UK selling your business contracts, documents and agreements


UK law legal documents available for download

UK law legal documents available for download

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March 4th, 2013 at 2:02 pm

Google Doodle commemorates the Zamboni ice machine

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The Frank Zamboni Google doodle. Photograph: Google

The Frank Zamboni Google doodle. Photograph: Google

The frosty spell of weather we’ve experienced recently, coupled with the 112th birthday of Frank Zamboni, have inspired the latest google doodle.

The interactive doodle features an ice cleaning machine, invented by Frank Zamboni in 1949.

Frank Zamboni invented the world’s first self-propelled ice-resurfacing machine. Trademarked in his name, the machine is known as a “Zamboni”. This machine enabled an ice rink to be resurfaced in just 10 minutes, compared to the previous hour and a half three man job.

Here at Seven Creative web design in Sheffield, we really love the playable doodles, this one especially.

After watching animated skaters leave the ice rink, the google doodle allows you to move the ice-resurfacing machine around the rink, cleaning it as you go.

Frank Zamboni died from cancer in 1988 when he was 87, but his ice resurfacing machine continues to be used today. The Zamboni Ice Resurfacer has sold more than 10,000 units of the equipment to date.

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January 16th, 2013 at 9:40 am

Tube processing machines

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Tube processing Machines

Tube processing Machines

Pipes and tubes are some of the unsung heroes we have to thank for helping to keep our country running. From exhausts on lorries and cars to the machines that produce our food, they are everywhere. Most people, however, have never given a thought to where these tubes come from or how they are manufactured!

Transfluid produce and supply the machines that will bend, form, cut and clean tubes providing solutions for every tube requirement. Based in Hünegräben, Germany, Transfluid they supply some of the highest quality machinery for tube bending. They are focussed on working together with their customers and are responsive to the changing requirements of these organisations. Their company motto is “we think ahead. This is what drives our customer progress” meaning that they are proactive in their approach, striving to provide the best customer services and the cutting edge of technology.

Examples of the types of machines are mobile & high-performance pipe bending machines; pipe de-burring machines, pipe chamfering machines & cutting ring pre-assembly/flaring machines; stationery and semi-automatic bending machines; Fully automatic mandrel bending machines; large diameter tube bending; and compact mandrel bending. To also provide the maximum amount of control over these machines, Transfluid also provide the complementary high-performance software to guarantee time-saving and reliable processing. This software allows you to import drawings from the major CAD drawing software systems.

For more information, contact Transfluid though their website:

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January 1st, 2013 at 3:33 pm

How to factory reset your iPhone to erase all data and return to factory settings

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Tutorial about how to factory reset your iPhone and erase all data (iPhone factory reset)

Tutorial about how to factory reset your iPhone and erase all data (iPhone factory reset)

If you’re planning parting company with your iPhone, for whatever reason, you’ll want to erase all the data on it and reset to factory settings. Luckily, the iPhone allows you to this very easily. Read on…

Tutorial on factory resetting your iPhone to erase all data and return to its factory settings (otherwise known as a ‘factory reset’ to erase all content and settings)

Warning: this will erase everything including photos, apps and accounts and it’s not possible to undo this. If you do choose to reset your iPhone, I would recommend making sure that everything is backup first!!!

Here goes…

  1. from your iPhone’s home-screen Go to ‘settings’
  2. Click on ‘general’
  3. At the bottom of the ‘general’ menu click on ‘reset’
  4. Click on ‘erase all content and settings’
  5. If you have a ‘passcode’ you will be prompted to enter it now
  6. Confirm the reset by clicking ‘erase iPhone’

This process may take up to 2 hours depending on the iPhone version so it may need to plugged in while you reset it

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December 18th, 2012 at 2:26 pm