Google Doodle commemorates the Zamboni ice machine

The Frank Zamboni Google doodle. Photograph: Google

The Frank Zamboni Google doodle. Photograph: Google

The frosty spell of weather we’ve experienced recently, coupled with the 112th birthday of Frank Zamboni, have inspired the latest google doodle.

The interactive doodle features an ice cleaning machine, invented by Frank Zamboni in 1949.

Frank Zamboni invented the world’s first self-propelled ice-resurfacing machine. Trademarked in his name, the machine is known as a “Zamboni”. This machine enabled an ice rink to be resurfaced in just 10 minutes, compared to the previous hour and a half three man job.

Here at Seven Creative web design in Sheffield, we really love the playable doodles, this one especially.

After watching animated skaters leave the ice rink, the google doodle allows you to move the ice-resurfacing machine around the rink, cleaning it as you go.

Frank Zamboni died from cancer in 1988 when he was 87, but his ice resurfacing machine continues to be used today. The Zamboni Ice Resurfacer has sold more than 10,000 units of the equipment to date.