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Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Help Design and Architecture Students Excel

For design students; the constant pressures of having to meet deadlines; alongside working the late nights that ensure they can meet them; can make the little things so much more valuable. If you are a design student, taking a course such as architecture or product design, you will understand the emphasis that it constantly placed on achieving accuracy in your work. It can be the single most important factor between obtaining poor and excellent grades.

You can ensure that your are well on the road to the latter by taking accuracy seriously, and you can do this through the choice to use Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades in your work. This will pay off in the long run; helping you to achieve an excellent impression in the process. An example of this being put into practice would be a product design student who is making a scale model.

The quality of the components making up the model will be the difference between its success and failure. As such; the standard of your cutting blades will be the decisive factor towards that model making a good impression; and in the process could be the main thing that ensures your concept bears fruit.

Don’t Waste Time

If you are a student who finds yourself in this situation; evidencing that you are able to work to only the highest levels of accuracy – right from the off – could be the key contributing factor towards your idea’s success.

Wasted time having to remanufacture models because they haven’t been cut accurately can be extremely demoralizing. Achieving precision first time is endlessly satisfying; and understanding that you can do this through purchasing the best cutting tools is invaluable.

By taking ownership of the importance of attention to detail; you are also making your own life easier in the process. When dealing with the pressures of university life; taking such measures can be extremely rewarding.

Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades Always a Sharp Choice

Blades from both of these established producers can ensure that the level of your work is only of the highest standard – helping to ensure good grades in the process! Consistency and quality of finish are two qualities that will shine through in the components that make up your product.

Having taken the time to research and understand the importance of accuracy; you need to do the same thing when deciding on the tools that you should use in your work. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are guaranteed to help you achieve the quality that you require. With many years of experience, it is easy to understand why they have been such successful suppliers for so long.

Industry Leaders

At Knife-Point; we understand the importance that needs to be placed on meeting the individual needs of each and every customer. We can always ensure that you get your hands on the knife products that will allow you to achieve the greatest success in the tasks you are carrying out – whatever they may be.

Both of these established manufacturer’s blades can be bought in an array of different quantities; directly from us here at Knife-Point. We are vastly experienced knife providers; with extensive knowledge of both the supply and production of a whole host of blades.

Our passion and dedication shines through in every customer transaction that we enter in to; and our satisfaction comes from knowing that we are able to provide you with any number of products that will allow you to carry out high quality work.


Achieving Craft Perfection Through Swann Morton and Stanley Knife Blades

The world of work is always varied; and accuracy can never be overstated. In trades such as the craft industry, this takes up even more relevance. There are few things worse than knowing that you have wasted your time on a piece of work; only for it to go to waste thanks to the poor quality of cutting tools like knives. Stanley knife blades and Swann Morton knives can ensure you are able to obtain the essential precision for carrying out hobby craft tasks.

Keeping your blades sharp is so important in industries that include the production of card making, model making and artwork. Anything other than the best knife tools will result in the creation of a product that is severely lacking in quality.

Recognized Reputation

Craft industry professionals and those interested in craft that may be working on projects for sectors such as card production and model making; will see the obvious value in these sentiments – Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades have been helping them to achieve great results in their work for many years.

The benefits of using knife blades from established manufacturers are obvious. They have a reputation that has been founded through years of dedicated work; which has enabled them to guarantee quality assurance. Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades are excellent examples of this.

The Cost of Inaccuracy

Achieving consistency and a quality finish is so important in craft production. It is a profession that requires serious care; and thorough and comprehensive attention is vital. For example; a card maker whose products evidence inaccuracy when cutting features would see their business sales substantially drop.

Inaccurate features on craft products can leave customers feeling extremely dissatisfied; and resultantly sales of their products would be significantly affected. The knife chosen by the craft artist making the card can be the difference between achieving success and failure in their business.

Experience Pays

Here at Knifepoint we stock products by a whole host of manufacturers; ensuring that you will always be able to find the knives and knife blades that are best suited to you. We manufacture our own knives as well; further evidencing the professional versatility of our products.

With many years of valued experience in the manufacture of knives; we continue to be a leader of knife supply within the area and further afield. Our quality and dedication towards what we do is just one of the many reasons that our customers continue to come back to us.

Both Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades can be used in the production of a whole host of materials; including paper, card and plastics. Blades can be bought in packs; and are often made to be easily swapped around; ensuring only the highest quality of work is being undertaken when using them.




R.S. Bruce Metals Sheffield Furnish Office Block with Stainless Steel Sign

Sheffield sign shop, Image Sign Studio, recently provided 3d LED signage for RS Bruce, who chose to have their office sign manufactured from brushed stainless steel. They chose this brushed stainless steel finish in order to reflect their metal business, creating a direct link between their branding and the industry that they are a part of.

The company also chose to have orange LED lights fitted into the back of the lettering in order to create a halo effect around the letters. At night, the orange LED lights created a glowing effect around the stainless steel 3D lettering, which looks almost as though there is a fire simmering behind them. The thought process behind this light was to represent the idea of a furnace, again a reflection of the metal industry.

Interior Designed Office with 3D Sign

Here at Image Sign Studio, we recently had the pleasure of producing this sign for R.S. Bruce Metals, whose head quarters are in the city of Sheffield. The Bruce Group encompasses R.S Bruce Metals and Machinery, who pride themselves on playing a key role in the innovation of the techniques used for the removal and recovery of oxidised Platinum Group Metals, from components within working nitric acid plants.

The sign was manufactured for a previously derelict building that R.S. Bruce decided to redevelop into an office block. Because of the derelict condition of the building and the standard to which the company wished to bring the officer block up to, R.S Bruce employed interior designers to help.  The development was, therefore, completed to a high standard, creating a fantastic place to work for their staff.

Such a fantastic office block obviously needed a really great sign to reflect the quality of the business and the services that they provide. Here at Image Sign Studio, we have lots of experience designing and manufacturing industrial signs, shop signs, and signs for office buildings such as this, so we were an obvious choice!

Stainless Steel Cut with CNC Machine

The sign was manufactured using stainless steel cut on a CNC machine, which uses computer software to control the mechanical movement of the machine while it cuts the letters. The letters were then hand fabricated to create a return on the sides of each one, and welded to create a 3D look.

If you are looking for a Sheffield based sign maker to design and manufacture your office sign or shop sign, Image Sign Studio can help. Call our friendly team on 0114 261 7617 for more information.

Employers Urged to Take Positive View of Disabled and Ceiling Hoist Users

The Yorkshire Post has urged local employers to take a more positive view of disabled people after a college student with cerebral palsy landed himself a job. The student, Jake Andrews, wants local employers to take more notice of people with disabilities and take the time to consider their applications with a positive attitude. Jake’s cerebral palsy means that his balance and movement is compromised, although his condition is not so severe as to need a ceiling track hoist or mobile hoist.

Jake took the time to apply for over 40 jobs and has since been offered a position as an apprentice by Saltaire-based AdviserPlus. He told the Yorkshire Post, “Apprenticeships are a really good way of getting disabled and young people the experience they need and helps with their prospects of employment.”

Disability Confident Government Campaign

There is a current campaign by the government which aims to encourage employers to think more positively about employing disabled people. Through the Disability Confident campaign, the government is working with employers to remove barriers and improve understanding to ensure that disabled people are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential and realise their dreams.

According to the BBC, disability employment for the disabled, including users of ceiling hoists and mobile hoists, is around 50%. Although the government has tried to raise this figure and there are many disabled people do want to work, it has been the employers who aren’t always keen to give them jobs.

As leading suppliers and installer of ceiling track hoists and ceiling hoists, ACS Healthcare think that it is really important for disabled people to be given the opportunity to take on employment. Although the government campaign is designed to help companies become more willing to employ disabled staff, it is still a shame that this needs to be done at all. Discrimination laws have in fact been in place since 1995, yet there are clearly some employers who do discriminate.

Ceiling Track Hoists and Mobile Hoists for the Disabled

If you are in need of a ceiling track hoist or mobile hoist, we can help. ACS Healthcare specialise in providing a range of care products from leading manufacturers, as well as a ceiling track hoist servicing and mobile hoist servicing service. Call us today to speak to a friendly member of our team on 0114 288 9912.

Choose a Ceiling Track Hoist Today and Greatly Improve Your Way of Life

Ceiling track hoists can play a great part in ensuring that as someone who lives with mobility problems or a disability, you are still able to keep a degree of freedom in your life. For those who have trouble standing and moving due to an illness or ongoing disability, a ceiling track hoist can mean a great improvement to that person’s quality of life. The product is fitted to the ceiling, and is therefore out of the way until it is needed. As a result it is quicker, easier and more efficient to use than typical mobile hoists.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Ceiling Track Hoist Including Minimizing Risk of Injury?

As they can be fitted out of the way, the use of a ceiling track hoist can therefore mean increased floor space in the room where assistance is required.  They can also be fitted over the bed, so that the person who needs the aid can be moved into a wheelchair or mobile commode more easily. This in turn, can minimize the injury risk to the family member or professional providing assistance to the person who requires it. Repeated manual lifting can cause the carer minor injuries and back pain, so anything that can reduce the potential risk to those helping is well worth consideration.

A ceiling track hoist can be installed as a permanent fixture in your home for as long as it is required. As well as making caring much easier, choosing the product can reduce the number of carers needed from 2 to 1, which is highly recommended if the care is being provided by a local authority. As a result, the money saved from choosing one can be used to improve the quality of life for the person requiring it in other areas.

Any appropriate help that can assist in making daily life easier for those living with mobility issues or a disability, as well as the people caring for them should be given great consideration. Those using these particular types of hoist can gain the extra freedom that could make a real difference in their lives.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Track Hoist

For security and comfort, as well as proximity to the person requiring the aid, a ceiling track hoist can provide the most efficient assistance needed. At ACS Healthcare Ltd we provide a whole range of care products from a significant number of leading manufacturers. These include profiling beds, mobile hoists, track hoists and pressure relieving mattresses.

It may be required for a thorough assessment of your home to be completed before a ceiling track hoist can be installed, to make sure that the product that you choose is best suited to your home. Careful training will ensure that the use of your ceiling track hoist becomes simpler over time, and any initial difficulties will be quickly solved.

Once installed we can provide subsequent servicing and repair for your product as and when it is required. So if you’re looking to greatly improve your quality of life, or that of someone you are caring for call us at 0114 2889912 for any more information that you require. You can also visit our website for more information on our ceiling track hoist products.

Make a Will with David Price and Buchanan & Co Solicitors

No one really wants to think about it do they? We all know we need to make a Will, but the truth is, only 30% of the population actually have done so. It’s easy to tell yourself that making a Will is a job for the future, or to believe that nothing will happen to you so it won’t be needed. Some people even put it off because they see it as morbid.

If you’re one of those people that keep pushing making a will down your list of priorities, it’s time to face the facts. If you die without making a will, someone else decides where your estate goes – NOT YOU!

Sheffield will writerMaking a Will
is absolutely essential in making sure that your wishes are met after you die. It can also prevent you from paying unnecessary taxes. We all have final wishes and a Will is the best way to put your final affairs in order.

Making a will is also the only way to make sure that your family and friends, and the causes close to your heart, receive what you think and hope that they should receive from your estate.


What is a Will?

  • A Will is a legal document which gives effect to the wishes of an individual (the testator if male, the testatrix if female) about how they would like their estate distributed after their death
  • The Will appoints legal representatives (executors) who are responsible for dealing with the deceased estate.
  • The will also give’s instructions about how the estate should be distributed.

Why should I make a Will?

  • You can be sure that your savings and your possessions will be left to the people you love and care for.
  • You can remove any uncertainty among your family about where your savings and possessions are left, avoiding confusion and possible disputes between your relatives.
  • Making a will may help to reduce the amount of tax you have to pay to the government.

What happens if I die and I haven’t made a Will?

  • Your Estate will take a much longer time to distribute than it would if you had made a Will, and it will cost a lot more to do so.
  • If you do not have a spouse or any blood relatives, your entire estate will go to the Taxman.
  • If you do have blood relatives or a spouse, they will have to apply to the courts to administer your Estate. This is a far more lengthy and costly process than if you had written a Will, and your Inheritance Tax bill could be higher.
  • Without a will, you may be subject to age related costs.
  • If you have children under 18, and the other parent is also dead, then without a Will you have given up the right to decide who looks after them.
  • If you have a partner to whom you are not married, he/she will get nothing from your estate even if you have been together for 50 years or more and lives with you.
  • The Government effectively writes a Will for you. 

How do I go about making a Will?

  • Homemade Wills, or ‘over-the-counter’ templates available in many shops, can lead to expensive problems that sometimes cannot be rectified. Important details can be left out, or the Will could be invalid or lead to unexpected tax bills, for example.
  • Dealing with these issues may demand professional advice and can cause a lot of distress for those involved.
  • We would therefore always recommend obtaining the advice of a solicitor or a professionally trained Will writer.

To get in touch with a professional will writer with years of experience, contact Dave Price at Buchanan Solicitors on 07920008170. He will Insure, to Ensure your family are Secure!

You’re in safe hands with Sheffield’s finest insurance broker

Dave Price is a genuine Yorkshire gentleman with 22 years in the insurance industry. In other words, just the type of guy that you would trust with your health insurance, home insurance and life insurance.

As Principal of Munro Associates in Sheffield, David is a specialist in protection and advice regarding insurance.

His motto is “It’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.” Munro Associates are committed to providing insurance products that deliver quality protection for their clients.

Dave and the staff at Munro Associates pride themselves on providing a first class bespoke service to all their customers, and are appointed representative of First Complete Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Munro Associates provide a variety of services, including full advice, provided by qualified and experienced advisers, giving access to a panel of competitive and respected insurers for:

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Income Protection
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment
  • Buildings & Contents for your home

insurance broker sheffield

Colleague at Munro Associates Ian Cooper, speaks very highly of David. He said, “David is a broker with the utmost integrity. He is a real inspiration for those he associates with, he is truly a peoples person and he looks after his client base with a real passion.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave.”

Gary Drabble, Estate Planner at Buchanan & Co Solicitiors Ltd, said “David is the consummate professional. He listens to what his clients require and then helps them choose the right solution for their needs. He is extremely helpful and has the best interests of all the people he meets uppermost in his thoughts, at all times. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a very professional adviser who puts the needs of his clients first.”


If you would like advice from a quality insurance broker in Sheffield, contact Dave Price on 07920008170, email or visit the Munro Associates website for more information.

Paul to the rescue with PAD Financial!

Trying to figure out the best deals on mortgages and insurance can be very confusing. With information fired at you from every angle, you may find that you are left with more questions than answers.

Who has the best deal? How much will it cost? Where do I apply? How long will it take? Who should I deal with? What happens if I get it wrong?!

Here’s the man with all the answers!

Paul Dorward, of PAD Financial is an experienced mortgage broker with a string of industry related qualifications including certificates in Mortgage Advice and Practice, Regulated Customer Care and Regulated Equity Release.

And this guy really knows his stuff. “I find the money to enable people to buy and refinance property. Then I advise on the right insurance to make sure they can keep it should the worst happen. I do all the research, get all the facts and advise my clients on the best deal to suit them.”

He makes it sound so simple, doesn’t he?

That’s because he’s an expert, priding himself on offering informed advice to get the best deal for his customers. “I can offer the whole spectrum of advice, and I always endeavor to give the best possible advice to anyone I speak to,” says Paul. “People have a natural tendency to pick the headline grabbing rate without sifting through the information and properly checking the small print. That’s where I can help.”

With regard to industry regulation, Paul admits that there are lots of hoops to jump through, but insists it all helps to provide a better service for his customers and security for his business. PAD Financial is an appointed representative of HomeLoan Partnership Limited (HLP), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This provides the company with extra protection for its clients, better buying power, and in turn, better deals.

Paul’s promises
“I’ll guide you through all the costs involved and help you make the right, informed decisions.”

“I’ll tell you who has the best deal.”

“I’ll help you manage your case to fit in with your timescale.”

“I’ll keep you fully updated as you go along and help overcome any hurdles that get in our way.”

Whether you would like to discuss mortgages, protection insurance or home insurance, Paul will do the research and determine the best product for you, and explain all the reasons why. He’ll even handle the application process and all the paperwork for you to ensure it’s all set up correctly. Paul insists that with his help, it really can be an easy step by step process.

“I had a case recently where a client received their home insurance renewal reminder through the post and simply contacted me to discuss the options. I was able to assess their position and source my insurers to find the best and most appropriate cover at the best price. I then reviewed the insurance with the client, completed the application on the clients behalf, and sent them all the paperwork.”

Paul can discuss mortgage options, liaise with lenders, estate agents, solicitors, and of course clients. “I will be your one point of contact. You can phone, fax, post, Skype or Facebook me, you’ll never be on hold to call centers, or left in the dark,” insists Paul.

And Paul is such an expert that pension companies have even used Paul as an adviser when their clients ask mortgage questions.

So it seems Paul Dorward, of PAD Financial, can guarantee the answers to all the difficult questions! If you have any questions regarding mortgages, protection insurance or home insurance, contact Paul on 07968 365 722, email or visit


Microtill launches new Casio Android Cash Register

Microtill have recently launched the new Android EPOS cash register, a revolutionary new addition to the retail industry.

The Casio Android EPOS cash register is suitable for a variety of retail environments including including independent and multi-national retail stores, restaurants, educational establishments and offices.

Casio android tills have a number of great benefits, including:

Splash proof touch screens

Microtill android cash register touch screen

Android cash registers have a large splash proof touch screen. The industry leader, Casio’s VX-100 Android Cash Register has a 10.4 inch SVGA touch screen. This LCD colour touch screen is entirely splash proof, an perfect for any location where liquids are likely to be spilt, such as restaurants and bars. The Casio android cash register can also be tilted using an electronic adjustment, so the operator can set the ideal position.

The android till includes a pop-up monochrome LCD screen, that not only displays clear customer information, but can also be used for payment confirmation, the running receipt total and even advertising messages. The Android EPOS pop-up monochrome LCD screen has a resolution of 32 x 160 dots; therefore 20 letters x 2 lines can be displayed.

Built in receipt printer

Android till LCD pop up screen

Android till LCD pop up screen

Android tills boast a built in receipt printer as part of a one box system. The Casio VX-100 Android Cash Register has an 80mm thermal paper receipt printer, with drop-in paper loading. Power cables and connections are not needed as this feature is integrated into the android EPOS cash register terminal. Also available is an optional magnetic strip card reader or interfaced chip and pin terminal.

Android cash registers offer the choice of an optional cash drawer and a selection of interfaces including USB, LAN, and RS232C. This allows third party peripherals to be added to the android EPOS cash register.


Energy saving

Android cash registers consume up to 85% less power than PC based systems, making them energy efficient and cheaper to run. The Casio VX-100 Android Cash Register only needs 20 watts on full power and 4.1 watts in stand-by mode. With electricity costs rising, both independent store owners and national operators can save significant amounts of money by using Android cash registers.

Android operating system

The Android EPOS cash register requires no licensing fees, and all development fees are also free of charge. Also, the Casio android cash register is a faster, more stable platform, and new EPOS applications make relationship management with external databases easy to set up.

The combination of Casio EPOS hardware and the Android platform gives you endless versatility, making the Android cash register the clear choice for any business. For more information about android cash registers take a look at the Microtill website at




South Yorkshire Renewable Energy launch their new website

South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

Based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire Renewable Energy are an established and well respected supplier and installer of solar panels, solar thermal units and under-floor heating

Having just launched their new website, they are continuing their expansion and will be opening their show-home in banner Cross, Sheffield later in the year. Here, you’ll be able to see the renewable energy technology in action including a wall-mounted meter showing how much energy is being produced by their solar panels

Director Richard Senior said “With escalating fuel prices and ever increasing heating bills, there’s never been a better time to install Solar Panels and Under-floor Heating. Both these technologies will help slash bills and are also therefore great for the environment.”

“The government’s guaranteed feed-in tariff also means that you’ll also be paid for producing your own electricity. According to recent calculations by Miles Brignall of the Guardian, a typical Solar Panel installation costing £12,500 will also give you a return of at least £25,000”

As an authorised and preferred partner of AVC Energy and Rehau, South Yorkshire Renewable Energy supply and install only the highest quality solar panels and underfloor heating solutions

In 2011, South Yorkshire Renewable Energy will be providing and installing solar panels on 1000 homes for free. To apply or for more information, please call them on 0800 678 5789 or visit their website at

South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating

South Yorkshire Renewable Energy - suppliers and installers of Solar Panels and Underfloor Heating