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Fantastic testimonials from our social media and SEO workshops

social media management  in sheffieldSince holding our very first search engine optimisation and social media workshops last week, we’ve been thrilled to receive some fantastic testimonials from those who attended.

“Thanks very much for the information I gathered at the social media review last week, I must say I came along with the usual reservations that you have about whether the whole thing might be very ‘techy and geekified’ and not relevant to our market, but it was brilliant.

Excellent practical advice that was superbly delivered and will be a benefit to me in my day to day work. I really got a great amount out of the day. The training was excellent; I would highly recommend Seven Creative to others.

The SEO and social media review was informative and most importantly relevant, with plenty of information given. Any business that did not take you up on this fantastic social media review is really missing a trick, now all I have to do is get off my backside and put your wonderful advice into action!”

Brain Drury, Blue Funk Hypnosis

“Thankyou for inviting me along to one your internet marketing seminars, it was very enjoyable and informative, and done in  such an informal way that I’m sure put everyone who attended at ease, whether computer literate or not.

After listening to your team it soon became apparent, not only how much opportunity social media can offer companies in gaining new business, but also how well Seven Creative understands these markets and how to use them to your clients’ advantage.

I would recommend anyone to take advantage of your future workshops, as it won’t cost them anything to do so and will surely help them understand where social media fits into business and how it can help them drive more traffic towards their business.”

Simon Platt, Utility Warehouse Authorised Distributer

Don’t forget, we’ll keep you posted on future social media and search engine optimisation workshops in Sheffield – watch this space! If you would like to find out more about our social media management packages or our SEO packages, please call the Seven Creative team in the office on 0114 383 0711 or contact us via our website.

SEO and Social Media workshop success for Seven Creative!

Thursday 7th February marked an important date in the Seven Creative calendar. We held our very first search engine optimisation and social media workshops at The Workstation in Sheffield!

SEO workshop at the showroom sheffieldIt was a pleasure to help lots of new people and some familiar faces get to grips with Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media. With a full day of 30 minute slots, we certainly had our work cut out for us!

The staff at Seven Creative spent the day helping local business people learn more about using the internet to boost their businesses. We are proud to say that the event was a huge success and we’ve received some very positive feedback.

Simon Platt, a utility broker from Sheffield, said “It’s not often you get any kind of advise nowadays without having to delve deep! I really liked their approach.”

Karen Bird of Kurly Bird Event Management attended the workshop with her sister Sarah Green from Fable, the Sheffield based Epilepsy charity. Karen said, “Both Sarah and I came away with lots of ideas and found the time really productive.”

Among the many visitors that dropped in throughout the day was Daryl Williams, founder of GlassBox Photography.  Daryl said, “It was a really helpful session. I’ve come away with plenty to think about and the skills to be able to make changes to my website to win the war against Google!”

We were really kept on our toes as a wide variety of different businesses came through the door. Joy Harrison of Murphy’s, a company specialising in natural products made from essential oils and herbs for horses and riders, filled our last slot of the day. Joy said “It was so nice to be pointed in the right direction. I love working on my website and teaching myself marketing, but it sometimes feel like it’s an awful lot to do. I really appreciate Seven Creative’s help!”

We will be holding regular workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics including search engine optimisation, social media and blogging, and will keep you posted regarding dates and times here on the blog, our Facebook page and via our email newsletters. We also offer social media management packages and SEO packages, which are perfect for those who don’t have the time to do it themselves.

For more information, contact Chris at the Seven Creative office on 0114 383 0711 or contact us via our website.

Free SEO & Social Media surgery – The Workstation, 7th February 2013

Seven Creative digital marketing SheffieldSeven Creative Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation surgeries

Seven Creative are running a free 1-to-1 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) surgery and 1-to-1 Blogging & Social Media Optimisation surgery at the Workstation in Sheffield on 7th February 2013.

Search Engine Optimisation surgery

The Search Engine Optimisationsurgery is suitable for businesses who have a website but are not sure how well it is optimised or would like advice on how to further optimise it. This 1-to-1 SEO surgery will help evaluate how well your site is optimised for search engine indexing in terms of both on-page and off-page optimisation.

During this free and confidential session we’ll look at the major search engines and evaluate your competition. We’ll then focus on the steps that can be taken to increase the search engine visibility of your site.

Social Media and Blogging surgery

The Seven Creative Social Media and Blogging surgery is suitable for anyone wishing to either begin using social media & blogging to promote their business, or those who wish to optimise their current social media activity to increase the online visibility of their business.

This 1-to-1 Social Media Optimisation surgery will help evaluate how well your current social media activity is working to raise the profile of the business and whether this activity can be further optimised.

During this free and confidential session, we’ll look at the appropriate social channels based on your customer profiles. We’ll also help with the steps that can be taken to further optimise this activity, increase the business’ online visibility and further engage with your online audience.


Slots are available with advance booking and are up-to 30 minutes in length. To book, email Seven Creative at or call 0114 383 0711 for more information.

Would you like a free iPod, Nintendo 3DS or Kindle Fire?

All you have to do to is find us a potential Social Media client! 

If they go on to sign up with one of our social media packages for the minimum 3 month term, you can have your pick of one of these fantastic gifts.

Here at Seven Creative, we offer a range of social media management packages that can be tailored to suit all businesses. We can set up and write blogs, manage your social networking and take care of your email marketing.

So who do you know that wants to bring their business into the 21st century with the power of social media, but doesn’t have the time or knowledge to do it themselves? Refer them to us and you will be rewarded!

Festive networking event at 3SL Dental

Networking event at 3SL Dental Sheffield

Networking event at 3SL Dental Sheffield

Put this date in your diary now!

3SL Dental in Sheffield is hosting a festive evening of informal networking with free mince pies and mulled wine.

The evening takes place on Wednesday 12th December from 5.30pm and is free to attend. If you leave your car at Q-Park you’ll receive 2 hours of free parking courtesy of 3SL.

3SL Dental is located on Norfolk Row between the top of Fargate and Norfolk Street (the Crucible).

The evening will be a great opportunity to network and socialise. And as it is late night shopping, you could even finish your Christmas shopping on your way home!

Get in touch for more information or visit the 3SL Dental website

Directions to 3SL Dental

Q-Park to 3SL Dental - either through the Winter Gardens or past the Town hall

Q-Park to 3SL Dental – either through the Winter Gardens or past the Town hall

3SL Dental is halfway along Norfolk Row which is the pedestrian path running parallel to Surrey Street that joins the top of Fargate with Norfolk Street and the Crucible. The address is:

3SL Dental,
18 Norfolk Row,
S1 2PA

Q-Park is the multi-storey car park on Arundel gate that some people have remarked looks similar to a ‘cheese grater’. Pick up your voucher on the evening to receive your free 2 hour parking voucher which can be used in the automatic payment machines. The address is:

Q Park,
Turner Street,
S2 4AA,

To get to 3SL from Q-Park, simply head either towards the Town Hall or through the Winter Gardens.

3SL Dental, Norfolk Row, Sheffield

3SL Dental, Norfolk Row, Sheffield

We increase visitors to your website. Here’s the proof!


Here at Seven Creative we believe in doing a good job for our customers.

One of the things we don’t tend to shout about, however, is our search engine optimisation activity. When we build a site, it wouldn’t really be fair for us to not build in search engine optimisation features, as once you have at least a basic understanding of optimising websites for organic listing, it’s quite quick to do.

We really enjoy seeing website suddenly rocket in the search engine rankings after we’ve had a bit of a tinker with it. And seeing a rise in website visitors is equally satisfying, as we know then that we’re really having a positive effect on our customers businesses.

After monitoring the analytics results for some of our recent jobs, and being very happy with the results, we felt it was only right to share these success stories. So here are some of the recent site visitor increases for the websites we’ve been working on:


Seven Creative Blog – Recent increase in visitors 36.64%

Clean Sheet Computing – Visitors up by 2,200% (Two thousand, two hundred)log – Recent increase in visitors 36.64%

Dunston Lodge boarding kennels, Chesterfield – Visitors up by 264.38%

Westgate Cottage, Isle of Wight – Visitors up by 17.65%

W E G Thomas – Visitors up by 64.71%

GWB Landscaping, Aylesbury – Visitors up by 89.19%

Moscar Kennels, Sheffield – Visitors up by 35.07%

Northshot Photography – Visitors up by 75.66%

PCT Healthcare – Visitors up by 23.12%

Seven Creative (our main website) – Visitors up by 22.22%

HCDL – Visitors up by 33.90%

So there you have it! Proof that we can increase visitors to your website.

Launch of new Moscar Pet Services website

The new Moscar Kennels and Cattery website is now live!

The new owners understandably wanted to show off the kennels and make sure everyone knows what a great job they do of looking after pets.

Seven Creative’s Chris Day said, ‘I really like the colour scheme for the website, its bright and fresh, and the pictures are fun too. The gallery page is a great feature as prospective customers can see the inside of the kennels and cattery, and see how well kept it is. And the comments on the testimonials page speak for themselves!’

The website not only looks great, it’s easy to use too, and tells the customer everything they need to know about the kennels and services. Each bit of information is contained in a clear and easy to read coloured box, so it takes seconds to find the information customers need.

Moscar kennels and Cattery is a family run business and the site has been home to a boarding facility for over 70 years. Moscar Pet Services is located in gorgeous countryside, with specially designed facilities and fully trained staff. They make sure you feel completely happy leaving your pet with them by making sure all animals on site are vaccinated, providing 24 hour access to a vet, and fully insuring all pets.

No wonder the customers are happy. Mrs Jowle said, ‘The kennels are in a great location,  providing an excellent environment and care.’ And now they have a great website too!



Win-a-raccoon competition

Win a cuddly raccoon USB warmer!

USB powered raccoon wrist-warmer

USB powered raccoon wrist-warmer

Win-a-raccoon competition

Win-a-raccoon competition

Here at Seven Creative, we’re offering you the chance to win a cuddly raccoon USB warmer.

All you have to do is like our Facebook page for the chance to win this cute little guy, who’ll keep you toasty warm in front of your computer until summer arrives.

We are great fans of them in the office, especially Ellie. It’s not often you’ll see her eagerly typing away without his cute little face peeping out from under an item of her clothing! As you can see from the desperate look on this one’s face, he can’t wait to be won.

We’ll allocate one winner from the first 25 people to like our Facebook page, and after 50 likes, we’ll allocate another.

Go to or use the button below for your chance to win the lovely fellow! Good Luck!

Dunston Lodge website launch

Our recent project to revamp Dunston Lodge’s website is finally complete, and we’re all very happy with the results!


Dunston Lodge boarding kennels is located in Chesterfield, and the dog boarding facilities it provides are top notch. With more than 25 years experience, Dunston Lodge has an enviable reputation for providing first class kennel accommodation and care for dogs.

The kennels are open for boarding 365 days of the year, providing accommodation for long stays or short stays, as well as for day boarding.

Dogs staying at Dunston Lodge are well-fed & well-exercisedbathed and groomedfully insured and have the added security of a vet being on call 24 hours a day. The kennels also cater for any special dietary requirements, and have the staff and facilities to care for elderly or convalescing dogs or those needing special treatments.

Chris Day, Principle Designer at Seven Creative says: “As Dunston Lodge continues to grow and develop as a business, we felt that the old site wasn’t communicating the quality and breadth of the boarding kennels services as effectively as it could. Not only does the new site provide customers with all the information they could possibly need, it looks great too!

And most importantly, Dunston Lodge boarding kennels owner Julie Harrington is very happy with the results too. She says, “Our new site looks great! It’s fresh and bright, with more photographs of our boarding facilities, information on our grooming services and pamper days , and all our latest news. We also have a guestbook where customers can leave their own comments about why they choose to use Dunston Lodge.”

For more information on boarding kennels in Chesterfield, visit Dunston Lodge’s new website at