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What is a URL shortener and should I use one?

What is a shortened link? A URL link shortner is a way of shortening or disguising a link. They’re normally used to create a shorter version of a very long link but can also be used to track click-throughs or often to disguise a link (commonly for nefarious purposes!). What does a shortened link look […]

How to install Dropbox on Kindle Fire HD

It’s actually not that difficult to install Dropbox on your Kindle Fire HD – here’s how we do it: First of all, to install Dropbox on your Kindle Fire HD, you need to Make sure that you allow the installation of apps from ‘unknown sources.’ What this actually means is do you want to install […]

How to disaster-proof your photos, music and important documents

You should always have at least 3 copies of your important files, the mantra says, but it’s not as simple as you’d think! If you’ve never had a digital disaster that has meant you’ve lost something important then you’re either very savvy or very lucky as there are a whole host of potential disasters that […]

How do I change my Outlook email account to use SSL?

SSL is an encryption method for sending emails and will help avoid the emails you send being seen by unintended recipients. It stands for Secure Socket Layer and this quick tutorial will show you how to configure Outlook to send using the SSL method. The example below uses Outlook 2007, however, this will still apply […]

How to reset your Zen Cart ecommerce admin password manually

Disclaimer and warning: manually editing your Zen Cart database runs the risk of corrupting your site and losing everything so only attempt this if you’re confident you know what you’re doing and are happy to take the risk. This tutorial is intended as a quick guide and relates for standard Zen Cart installations only. If […]

How to take a screen capture and send it by email

This tutorial is about taking a shot of your computer screen and sending it – very useful when asking for technical support by email. This assumes you are using a PC and a local email client such as Outlook. Get whatever it is you’d like to get a screen capture of up on your screen […]

How to factory reset your iPhone to erase all data and return to factory settings

If you’re planning parting company with your iPhone, for whatever reason, you’ll want to erase all the data on it and reset to factory settings. Luckily, the iPhone allows you to this very easily. Read on… Tutorial on factory resetting your iPhone to erase all data and return to its factory settings (otherwise known as […]

Updating your password in Outlook 2010 tutorial

It is very simple to update your email collection (POP3) password in Outlook 2010 by following the steps below: Open Outlook Click on the ‘File’ option at the top of the page you’ll now have an option for ‘account settings’ – click here click on the account you’d like to change then select ‘change’ from […]

Updating your email password and security settings on Outlook 2007

Here is a short tutorial on how to update your email password and change the connection to the SSL security type. Note: this tutorial relates to email collection (POP3 or IMAP) not email sending (SMTP) and email collection connection security only. Updating the email collection security type to SSL Step 1 – open Outlook and select […]

How to use Gmail as your SMTP server using Outlook

This tutorial will show you how to use your Gmail SMTP address to send emails from your personal email accounts using Outlook (this example uses Outlook 2007 but still applies in principle to the other versions of Outlook and other local email clients)