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How to disaster-proof your photos, music and important documents

You should always have at least 3 copies of your important files, the mantra says, but it’s not as simple as you’d think! If you’ve never had a digital disaster that has meant you’ve lost something important then you’re either very savvy or very lucky as there are a whole host of potential disasters that […]

How to reset your Zen Cart ecommerce admin password manually

Disclaimer and warning: manually editing your Zen Cart database runs the risk of corrupting your site and losing everything so only attempt this if you’re confident you know what you’re doing and are happy to take the risk. This tutorial is intended as a quick guide and relates for standard Zen Cart installations only. If […]

How to factory reset your iPhone to erase all data and return to factory settings

If you’re planning parting company with your iPhone, for whatever reason, you’ll want to erase all the data on it and reset to factory settings. Luckily, the iPhone allows you to this very easily. Read on… Tutorial on factory resetting your iPhone to erase all data and return to its factory settings (otherwise known as […]

R.I.P Adobe Flash Player – August 15th 2012

Not so long ago, the only way to have a half-decent looking animation on a website was using Adobe Flash. Movement and interactive images could help sites engage with their customers and it was therefore a useful tool for some sites. Because, at Seven Creative, we have always focussed on creating usable and optimised websites […]

Short-cut to easily clear formatting from text in a Word document

Here is a really simple and easy way to clear formatting from text in a Microsoft Word document, for example, when you’ve cut and pasted from a website or another document Very simply highlight the text, press and hold CTRL then press the ‘space bar’ Highlighting the text can be done easily in one of […]

My 3 favourite Chrome extensions (plug-ins)

Here is a list of my 3 favourite Chrome Plug-ins Hover Zoom – no need to click on that thumbnail to view it large. Simply install Hover Zoom then all you have to do is hover over the picture and you get a large version. Great for Reddit. Click here: Hover Zoom Awesome Screenshot: Capture […]

How to create an RSS feed from your Facebook Page or Facebook Profile

How to create an RSS feed from your Facebook Page or Facebook Profile Here is a quick guide to creating an RSS feed (or ATOM feed) from your Facebook Group or Profile Facebook change this sort of thing regularly, however, at the tome of writing, it is working RSS feed from a Facebook Group Go […]

Instructions about how to back up and export webmail emails from Horde

Instructions about how to back up and export webmail emails from Horde If you’re using Horde to manage your webmail emails and want to back them up, you may have realised that it seems to be not as easy to do as you’d hope without going through and forwarding email groups individually Fortunately, it is […]

HTC Desire HD crashing when making calls

If you’re one of the lucky ones with a new HTC Desire HD phone you may have noticed there is a rather annoying bug related to the proximity sensor. Basically, you make a call and the screen immediately turns off and becomes unresponsive It seems like the phone has crashed but it continues to stay […]

Toshiba laptop built-in webcam problems

Toshiba laptop built-in webcam problems Problem: Toshiba laptop Camera Assistant Software on Vista (or similar) is no longer working. When you try to run the application you get an error along the lines of: ‘Access violation at address … in module ‘CEC_MAIN.exe’. Read of address …’ ‘Cannot open file C:\Program Files\Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba\NewSkin1\active.bmp’ […]