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Microtill launches new Casio Android Cash Register

Microtill have recently launched the new Android EPOS cash register, a revolutionary new addition to the retail industry.

The Casio Android EPOS cash register is suitable for a variety of retail environments including including independent and multi-national retail stores, restaurants, educational establishments and offices.

Casio android tills have a number of great benefits, including:

Splash proof touch screens

Microtill android cash register touch screen

Android cash registers have a large splash proof touch screen. The industry leader, Casio’s VX-100 Android Cash Register has a 10.4 inch SVGA touch screen. This LCD colour touch screen is entirely splash proof, an perfect for any location where liquids are likely to be spilt, such as restaurants and bars. The Casio android cash register can also be tilted using an electronic adjustment, so the operator can set the ideal position.

The android till includes a pop-up monochrome LCD screen, that not only displays clear customer information, but can also be used for payment confirmation, the running receipt total and even advertising messages. The Android EPOS pop-up monochrome LCD screen has a resolution of 32 x 160 dots; therefore 20 letters x 2 lines can be displayed.

Built in receipt printer

Android till LCD pop up screen

Android till LCD pop up screen

Android tills boast a built in receipt printer as part of a one box system. The Casio VX-100 Android Cash Register has an 80mm thermal paper receipt printer, with drop-in paper loading. Power cables and connections are not needed as this feature is integrated into the android EPOS cash register terminal. Also available is an optional magnetic strip card reader or interfaced chip and pin terminal.

Android cash registers offer the choice of an optional cash drawer and a selection of interfaces including USB, LAN, and RS232C. This allows third party peripherals to be added to the android EPOS cash register.


Energy saving

Android cash registers consume up to 85% less power than PC based systems, making them energy efficient and cheaper to run. The Casio VX-100 Android Cash Register only needs 20 watts on full power and 4.1 watts in stand-by mode. With electricity costs rising, both independent store owners and national operators can save significant amounts of money by using Android cash registers.

Android operating system

The Android EPOS cash register requires no licensing fees, and all development fees are also free of charge. Also, the Casio android cash register is a faster, more stable platform, and new EPOS applications make relationship management with external databases easy to set up.

The combination of Casio EPOS hardware and the Android platform gives you endless versatility, making the Android cash register the clear choice for any business. For more information about android cash registers take a look at the Microtill website at https://www.microtill.com/