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Paul to the rescue with PAD Financial!

Trying to figure out the best deals on mortgages and insurance can be very confusing. With information fired at you from every angle, you may find that you are left with more questions than answers.

Who has the best deal? How much will it cost? Where do I apply? How long will it take? Who should I deal with? What happens if I get it wrong?!

Here’s the man with all the answers!

Paul Dorward, of PAD Financial is an experienced mortgage broker with a string of industry related qualifications including certificates in Mortgage Advice and Practice, Regulated Customer Care and Regulated Equity Release.

And this guy really knows his stuff. “I find the money to enable people to buy and refinance property. Then I advise on the right insurance to make sure they can keep it should the worst happen. I do all the research, get all the facts and advise my clients on the best deal to suit them.”

He makes it sound so simple, doesn’t he?

That’s because he’s an expert, priding himself on offering informed advice to get the best deal for his customers. “I can offer the whole spectrum of advice, and I always endeavor to give the best possible advice to anyone I speak to,” says Paul. “People have a natural tendency to pick the headline grabbing rate without sifting through the information and properly checking the small print. That’s where I can help.”

With regard to industry regulation, Paul admits that there are lots of hoops to jump through, but insists it all helps to provide a better service for his customers and security for his business. PAD Financial is an appointed representative of HomeLoan Partnership Limited (HLP), which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. This provides the company with extra protection for its clients, better buying power, and in turn, better deals.

Paul’s promises
“I’ll guide you through all the costs involved and help you make the right, informed decisions.”

“I’ll tell you who has the best deal.”

“I’ll help you manage your case to fit in with your timescale.”

“I’ll keep you fully updated as you go along and help overcome any hurdles that get in our way.”

Whether you would like to discuss mortgages, protection insurance or home insurance, Paul will do the research and determine the best product for you, and explain all the reasons why. He’ll even handle the application process and all the paperwork for you to ensure it’s all set up correctly. Paul insists that with his help, it really can be an easy step by step process.

“I had a case recently where a client received their home insurance renewal reminder through the post and simply contacted me to discuss the options. I was able to assess their position and source my insurers to find the best and most appropriate cover at the best price. I then reviewed the insurance with the client, completed the application on the clients behalf, and sent them all the paperwork.”

Paul can discuss mortgage options, liaise with lenders, estate agents, solicitors, and of course clients. “I will be your one point of contact. You can phone, fax, post, Skype or Facebook me, you’ll never be on hold to call centers, or left in the dark,” insists Paul.

And Paul is such an expert that pension companies have even used Paul as an adviser when their clients ask mortgage questions.

So it seems Paul Dorward, of PAD Financial, can guarantee the answers to all the difficult questions! If you have any questions regarding mortgages, protection insurance or home insurance, contact Paul on 07968 365 722, email paul@padfinancial.co.uk or visit www.padfinancial.co.uk