Sagar McClintock – Company Profile

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Sagar McClintock

Sagar McClintock are Corporate and Personal performance specialists. We work at the sharp end helping you achieve your personal and corporate goals. We help you develop the personal skills, attitudes and drive you and your company need to achieve your goals as the economy recovers, and the boom time returns.

We work mainly in the areas of: personal and team confidence and Motivation, selling and negotiation skills, personal and team goal setting and achievement and Marketing. (Although we are not limited to these areas and will include other areas as the client’s needs or remit require).

Having set up in the teeth of the biggest downturn since the 1930’s we understand the imperative of Survival and development in good times as well as bad. Our client list includes (among others); BT Local Business, Rotherham Chamber, Carcraft, Sheffield Chamber, the GK Group, and many SME’s.

Sagar McClintock’s aim is to help any organisation or person who wants to improve their performance. We have worked with: Directors, Entrepreneurs, SME’s, large companies, Teachers, Doctors, experienced sales professionals and teams, inexperienced sales professionals and teams.

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