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How to find your email signature folder in Outlook

…and how to edit it If you use Outlook to send and receive emails, you’re probably also using the ’email signature’ facility that allows you to create a custom bit of text and images that appears at the end of the emails you write. The problem is, the in-built email signature editor in Outlook is […]

How do I change my Outlook email account to use SSL?

SSL is an encryption method for sending emails and will help avoid the emails you send being seen by unintended recipients. It stands for Secure Socket Layer and this quick tutorial will show you how to configure Outlook to send using the SSL method. The example below uses Outlook 2007, however, this will still apply […]

How to take a screen capture and send it by email

This tutorial is about taking a shot of your computer screen and sending it – very useful when asking for technical support by email. This assumes you are using a PC and a local email client such as Outlook. Get whatever it is you’d like to get a screen capture of up on your screen […]

553 sorry, that address is not in my list of allowed recipients email problem

553 sorry, that address is not in my list of allowed recipients email problem if you’re regularly getting emails bounced back to you with the error ‘553 sorry, that address is not in my list of allowed recipients’ this might help. In our experience, the problem is usually down to a BT issue not allowing emails […]

Phishing emails – tell-tale signs it’s not from who it says it’s from

I’ve just received quite an ingenious phishing email… well it’s slightly more intelligently conceived and implemented than the usual type Yesterday I made an order on Amazon and today I get an email, pertaining to be from Amazon, telling me that my order has been cancelled! Firstly, even though I’m sure that me receiving an […]

A very simple guide to email on your portable devices (blackberry, iPhone, netbook etc.)

Many people have asked recently about using their email on their portable devices and it’s actually quite simple once you understand a few of the main principles Here’s how seven Creative’s email system works Firstly, a few definitions: Local email client – this is an application on your home or office computer for reading and […]